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Zak Burnham

Sold me incompatible pieces for my vape, made me pay to upgrade for the box that would be compatible for my Smoke top yet refused a refund. Juice was leaked completely covering the box and peeled off the paint. After coming to the store at least every other day for three weeks dealing with one broken piece or another, I ran into the manager who proved to be nothing more than an arrogant ass refusing me access to communications with the owner or any other type of re compensation other than replacing the top piece that was leaking for any other cheaper brand. He refused to replace the now peeled box mod based off the fact it could have been my fault, and even accused me of purposefully chipping it to get a refund. Take your money to Mass Vapors, they will always do you right. I made the mistake of trying out this new business.


Vincent Allard

Just had another great experience with Candice @ Boston smoke! Shes become my go to resource for all toys and gadgets. Not only that, but she has learned about what I like and keeps me posted on the right new products when I drop by. She went above and beyond on this one though... In the past she has helped with bong advice and insight on different vape devices, but I wanted to get my groomsman something special for my upcoming wedding as opposed to the normal stuff you see... cant say what it was (in case they read this) but not only did I get the best advice from her but since I was buying several of them she worked a bit of a deal with mgmt. Boston Smoke is the only place ill shop and Candice is a big reason as to why they will continue to get my $$


Nailah Williams

I went there today to go buy some hookah coals and was saddened by the Extremely disrespect and Rude Balding Skinny White Male at the door. As the store is nice an seems to have a lot of smoke products they Lack In COSTUMER SERVICE!!! I will never shop there nor enter those doors again. I dont no recommend this shop at all this shop. Worst costume service Ive ever received from a smoke shop ever I wouldnt even bother shopping here sorry dont waist your time


Owen Ritondo

Sold me a fake Sharpstone grinder and made me go through the trouble of texting the owner in order to get a refund. According to other reviews on Goodlettsville and yelp, this isnt the only counterfeit item they sell. Im not sure the owner relies that this activity is a federal crime, and that he is blatantly robbing his customers. I will change my review of I go in for my refund today and they have stopped selling the grinders.


Amber Berthod

I came here to buy coils for my Aspire Nautilus. I was offered singles for $5 each or a pack of five for $15. I bought the pack of five. After I left, I found that the coils in the ripped package were counterfeits. They did not have the perforated edges on the foil or the appropriate markings on the atomizer. Each coil lasted two days, whereas the true coils last a week or two. I will not be returning to Boston Smoke Shop.


Zachary Foley

First time there, a very friendly staff member showed me everything from Products to how to use them. And even helped me pick out a Pen I I would use to help Quite smoking. Little did I know the gentleman was the Manager and couldnt be nicer with all my questions. Please stop by. And see for yourself. I will be back for all my future purchases



Told that they would replace any part on vaporizer that broke. The devices mouth piece broke off in my pocket, 2 mouths after purchase with minimal use and good care, and the Manager then told we will not replace anything. Blatant lie, bait and switch tactics and no accountability to the customer.


Raynor Bugayong

Honestly, I just like walking into the store. However, the day I bought a PAX 2 the gent there was very helpful, not pushy, and really knew his stuff. Fell in love with the PAX 2 on the first draw but thats another review for another time.


Courtney Stewardson

Incredibly limited selection. ..they got a few of every type of thing they claim to carry but no real selection and dude was. Rude as he11 when he realized I wasnt gonna buy anew set up just cuz he didnt have my replacement piece


Jose Juguete

Guy was an a-hole. I asked too many questions and he said, And I quote: "Im not supposed to teach you about the products. Your supposed to go home and google them". So why not just buy it online as well then?


Marcello Rusciano

good costumer service. Paradise for the smokers. They have everything: lighter, shisha, filters etc. If you want to buy some gift for your smoker friends, this is the place!


Brian Zuffante

Do not waste your money or time at any of their locations. They sell counterfeit junk as authentic products and then flip out when you call them on it. Scammers.


Jack Chau

I decided to visit this very shop with a friend and the staff was helpful. They have provided the service and goods we needed. Highly recommended this place.


Todd Livingston

Cool store with a lot of cool stuff inside. I stopped in to check it out and show them some pictures. They didnt have any mollys plant food either.


Swagger Dagger

Really cool shop, everything from your $10 bowls to thousand dollar show pieces, staff is super friendly, and knows what theyre talking about.


John G

Very large store selling anything you need to vape or smoke. Very Friendly staff and an amazing selection of devices.


Antonio Cosme

Too over priced $80 for the smallest amount of CBD Liquid???? I can find it 3 times cheaper closer to me.


Michael Downs

Non pushy sales staff. Great inventory. Clean and neat shop. Knowledgeable sales staff. Great location.



The employees are so fun, they have a wide range of products and decent prices. Im going back for sure


Bradan B

Awesome store, helpful and friendly staff. Mark is a magician with vape and mod repairs!



Too expensive than any smoker shop in Boston!!!! Don not go here



Dont shop here! Worst experience ever. Rude customer service.


David Siegel

What a great sales staff !! Marc was extremely helpful ,


Charles-Eric Kirihara Sum

Wont serve me because I have Canadian ID and not USA lol


Brendan Stewart



Andrew Capobianco

Online will always beat this place


Karan Kothari

do you keep chillums??!!


Adam Kasevich

Good grade kratom


Daniel Carroll

Great selection!


joe girouard

Just awesome

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