Contact Us - The Bowery Presents (2022)

  • COVID-19 Updates and Health & Safety Information

    For COVID-19 Updates and Health & Safety Information, CLICK HERE

  • How can I get tickets to a Bowery Presents show?

    You can purchase tickets to any show online by clicking the TICKETS icon on any show page on our site and will be taken to the ticketing site.

    • New York:

    If tickets do not sell out in advance, they will be sold at the door on the night of the show. Tickets to Bowery Presents shows in reserved-seating venues (Apollo Theater, Barclays Center, Beacon Theatre, Madison Square Garden, etc.) are available at each venue’s box office

    • Boston:

    If tickets do not sell out in advance, they will be sold at the door on the night of the show beginning when doors open.

    • Philadelphia:

    Tickets for Franklin Music Hall are available On days when there is a show at Franklin Music Hall, the box office remains open through the duration of the show.

    Tickets for the Keswick Theater are available at, and the box office is open in-person on event days 3 hours prior to show time.

  • Can I scan my ticket from my phone?

    (Video) Bush concert The Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY 7-28-2011 (part 3)

    We can scan your phone for our club shows, just download the AXS app and load your account in advance. If you have issues, please contact for assistance.

  • Where do I direct questions about my tickets?

    Only ticket providers can assist in ticketing questions. Please contact for all questions about will call or general support for shows at our clubs. For ticketing questions regarding shows at other venues, please contact your point of purchase. Please note: We cannot make any ticketing changes for you via Facebook Messenger or through any other social media platform, and we cannot verify ahead of time any tickets purchased through third parties.

  • Do you have ADA accommodations?

    Yes, when you arrive at the venue, please alert security at the entrance who will make sure you are taken care of. We suggest you arrive when doors open (door times are listed on each event page), but will accommodate requests at the venue at any time. If you have additional questions in advance of your visit, please contact

  • Who do I contact if I left behind my ID/credit card/jacket?

    Brooklyn Steel
    For credit card/ID, contact
    For lost items/jackets, contact

    Music Hall of Williamsburg
    Call718-486-5400 or check in at the venue after 5 p.m. on days we have an event.

    Terminal 5
    Please reach out to with your name, contact information, and a description of your item and we will do our best to find and return your item to you.

    The Sinclair
    Call 617-547-5200: Sunday through Tuesdays after 5 p.m., Wednesday through Sat after 12 p.m.

    Call the venue at 617-338-7699 and choose the “nightclub” extension to reach someone at the venue.

    For all other venues, please contact and your inquiry will be directed accordingly.

    (Video) Black Crowes reunion at Bowery Ballroom- Hard to Handle

  • What are my payment options in the venue?

    Cash is king, but we accept credit cards at our box offices as well. We have ATMs on-site at all of our locations. If tickets do not sell out in advance, they will be sold at the door on the night of the show. (Note: The nightly box office at The Sinclair is cash only.)

  • How old do I have to be to get into the club?

    Please check the event pages to verify age limits for each show. All shows with an age limit require a government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, state ID card, military ID card, passport, birth certificate) to enter. Everyone must be at least the minimum age required to enter. For shows marked as ALL AGES, any fan under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent / adult guardian. Security is at all shows to verify your age.

    FOR BOSTON: For 18+ shows at The Sinclair and Royale, patrons under 18 are admitted if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  • How can I get my band booked?

    Booking requests are not accepted by phone or at the club. Please contact We usually book about one to four months in advance—be specific about the date(s) you are seeking and include the following:

    Band name AND desired venue in subject line
    Target date(s)
    Relevant local show history (when, where, ticket price and your individual draw)
    Band links (Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp)
    Quick blurb about the band

    When submitting your show history, be as specific as possible and do not exaggerate your draw. Please allow four to six weeks before following up with an email.

  • Do your clubs have seats?

    All of our venues have lounge space where you can rest, but our club shows are generally general admission/standing room. Many of our shows in “open” rooms are often seated, and you can check out a seating chart by clicking on the tickets link for the specific show and follow the ticket vendor’s directions.

    (Video) Tamino - WOTH at the Bowery Ballroom in New York on March 9, 2020

  • What are the usual set times?

    Set times are not typically available until day of show. You can give the venue a call for specific questions or check the venue’s social media accounts as information could be posted there. Please note that our professional team of engineers does its best to keep all shows running on time, but every once in a while a show runs late. Don’t get upset. Remember: It’s a rock and roll show. Enjoy your time out of the house.

  • Do I need to bring ID?

    Of course. Government-issued photo ID (driver’s license, state ID card, military ID card, passport, birth certificate) is required for entry to all shows with an age limit and in order to drink.

  • If a show is cancelled, where do I get a refund?

    If a show is canceled, refunds are available at point of purchase. You will be refunded automatically if you purchased a ticket through AXS, Ticketmaster, Ticketfly or TicketWeb. Please note: Openers/support are always subject to change.

  • Can you give me the contact to the band’s publicist, label or management?

    Unfortunately, we cannot give out that information, but Google and liner notes might help. You’ll be surprised what you can find on the Internet.

  • Can I bring my camera?

    Photo policy varies for different artists and is usually not determined until day of show, although GoPros and audio/video recording ARE NOT allowed. You can bring a nonprofessional camera (point and shoot, no detachable lenses) to most shows. Professional cameras are only allowed with a photo pass issued by band management. NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY.

  • What kind of drinks do you have?

    We have a full bar in each venue, with plenty of water and soft drinks along with a wide selection of beers (on-tap and bottled), wine and spirits to cure what ales you.

  • I have a blog. Do I count as press?

    (Video) Tamino - Every Pore (w/extended ending) at the Bowery Ballroom in NY on March 9, 2020

    Maybe, but don’t ask us. The Bowery Presents doesn’t issue press passes or photo passes. All press inquiries should be directed to the band’s publicist, label or management.

  • Other Bowery Presents Rules and FAQs:

    Tickets purchased in front of the venue are usually counterfeit and admittance with a counterfeit ticket will be denied.
    We cannot verify tickets purchased from third parties in advance for you.
    No flyers, stickers, handbills, no outside food or beverages, no markers, spray paint, weapons (includes pocket knives and pepper spray), no smoking (including e-cigarettes), no selfie sticks, no hula hoops.
    You will be ejected for throwing ANYTHING.
    All shows are general admission.
    All bags will be searched.
    Camelbaks are allowed as long as they are empty.

  • Can I get in for free?

    Perhaps, but what are you going to do for us? Relationships are a two-way street. We are always in search of street-teamers and folks to flyer.

  • Do you have a coat check?

    All of our venues have a coat check. When in doubt, remember that it’s fashion before comfort.

  • Can I smoke in the club? And can I bring cigarettes or an e-cigarette?

    Sorry, there is no smoking (which includes e-cigarettes) in any of our clubs. However, outdoor smoking sections are available.

  • Is there re-entry?

    Absolutely not. There is no re-entry to any clubs and all exits are final (excluding the smoking area).

  • Do you rent your rooms for private events?

    Of course! Nuestra casa es su casa. We like to party. Please contact Lisa for more information.

    (Video) Curtis Harding Live @ Bowery Ballroom NYC (Sunday, May 1st 2022)

  • Where do I park?

    While there is no designated parking at Bowery Presents venues, there is street parking in each venue’s neighborhood. We always encourage you to use public transportation when possible.

  • Videos

    1. The Walkmen, 'In the new year', live at Bowery Ballroom (June 7th,2012)
    2. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog - Live at the Bowery Ballroom - 2003
    (David Pye)
    3. Hello Seahorse! Live @ Bowery Ballroom New York City 2022
    4. The Walkmen, 'Heartbreaker', Live at the Bowery Ballroom (June 7th, 2012)
    5. THE BLACK CROWES "Struttin' Blues" First since 1992 @ THE BOWERY BALLROOM NYC 11-11-2019
    (L Ron Jesus)
    6. The Head and the Heart Live from The Bowery Ballroom
    (The Head And The Heart)

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