Amazon Prime in Australia: subscription cost, inclusions and is it worth it? (2023)

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It's not just free and fast shipping

Amazon Prime in Australia: subscription cost, inclusions and is it worth it? (1)

It didn't take long for Amazon to establish a massive and loyal customer base in Australia, and signing up for a Prime membership became a no-brainer for several shoppers who purchased regularly from the online retailer. That said, not everyone would have tried out the subscription service yet. So, if you're curious about whether it's worth paying a monthly (or annual) fee to the retail giant is worth it, then read on.

To start with, here's a quick rundown of what it's all about: Amazon Prime offers shoppers in Australia a range of savings and benefits for a flat monthly fee of just AU$6.99 (opens in new tab). That small fee opens up a whole world of perks for Prime members, all of which are Amazon-specific.

So, what’s included? In a nutshell, if you sign up for Amazon Prime in Australia, you’ll get:

  • Free one-day delivery on select products being shipped to select Sydney and Melbourne postcodes (domestic purchases only)
  • Free two-day delivery on all other eligible domestic purchases to all postcodes
  • Free standard delivery on orders over AU$49 made from the ‘global store’ section (i.e. international purchases shipped from the US or the UK)
  • Access to Prime Video, Prime Reading, Prime Music and Prime Gaming (a more premium version of Twitch)
  • Early access to regular discounts and deals
  • Big savings and access to exclusive deals on Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime in Australia: subscription cost, inclusions and is it worth it? (2)

What is Amazon Prime?

Put simply, Amazon Prime is an all-in-one subscription service that offers members some benefits for a monthly (or annual) fee.

Its main appeal is that it offers Prime members fast and free delivery on many purchases, plus access to some of the company’s streaming services, including a vast library of movies and TV shows, over two million songs that stream ad-free and some additional benefits on some of Amazon's paid services.

Prime members also get exclusive early access (usually 30 minutes before everyone else) to select deals and offers – called Lightning Deals that are available for a short duration – and get to participate in a members-only annual sale called Prime Day (more on this later).

In the US, Amazon Prime offers free shipping on millions of items, same-day delivery (even two-hour delivery in some cases) and access to its video and music streaming services, unlimited ebooks and audiobooks, and unlimited photo storage. However, to get all the goods and services Amazon promises in its Prime package across the Pacific, American customers pay US$15 a month (US$139 a year).

In Australia, unfortunately, there are some caveats to what Prime members get, but it also costs us less – less than half of what the US pays, to be precise.

How much does the Prime service cost in Australia?

In Australia, Amazon Prime subscriptions cost AU$6.99 a month (opens in new tab), or AU$59 per year – the latter is definitely better value if you're a regular Amazon shopper as it saves you just under AU$25 across each 12-month period.

As is customary with all of Amazon’s subscription services, there’s a 30-day free trial on offer when you first sign up. If you aren’t happy with the Prime service, you’ll need to manually cancel your membership before the 30-day trial ends or you will be charged the full monthly fee the following month.

You can, of course, sign back on any time again, but you won't get that 30-day free trial if you've already participated previously.

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Amazon Prime in Australia: subscription cost, inclusions and is it worth it? (3)

What do Australian Prime members get?

Free and fast shipping

The biggest perk of being a Prime member is the promise of free delivery on an eligible item that's being sold and shipped from within Australia. Eligibility is labelled by a 'Prime tick mark' visible alongside the pricing information and can be on anything that's available directly from Amazon AU or a local third-party vendor selling on the site. These items won't be charged any delivery fee, no matter how little or how much the final order costs you – aka there is no minimum spend.

Free, expedited delivery for Prime members is typically two days (although it can take up to four days if you live in rural or remote areas). That said, Prime members in select postcodes in Sydney and Melbourne can also get free one-day delivery, but this is available on only select products marked with a 'Prime Free One-Day' label.

Note that if the 'Prime eligible' label is not visible, speedy and/or free delivery is not an option even if you are a Prime member, although some third-party resellers on the platform do offer free delivery on select items. This will be mentioned alongside the pricing information on the site, but it won't get you expedited delivery.

However, if an order of locally sold goods is over AU$39, it automatically qualifies for Amazon’s free standard delivery policy (it is, however, not expedited), irrespective of whether the product(s) you buy is Prime eligible or not, and whether you're a Prime member or not.

While Amazon's shipping infrastructure suffered significantly during the peak of the pandemic, things have settled now. However, Amazon is always precise with its delivery timeline mentioned clearly during checkout, and you may find you're waiting 3-4 days for a package even as a Prime member. Certain items being imported from overseas (those being shipped from Amazon US and Amazon UK) may take longer than the usual Amazon promise, but these disruptions are also now settling back to normalcy.

Speaking of which, international items bought from the 'global store' section of the site, only qualify for free delivery if the total cost of the product(s) is AU$49 or more and, again, marked as being Prime eligible. As mentioned above, with the spread of the coronavirus, delivery of items from the US or the UK have been affected and they're not as 'expedited' as before.

Prime members also get exclusive early access to Lightning Deals (Amazon’s limited-time deals that vanish within hours of going live), typically seeing them live on site about 30 minutes before anyone else can.

Alongside the above shopping benefits, there’s a number of complementary digital-media subscriptions that are included for free with Prime:

Amazon Prime in Australia: subscription cost, inclusions and is it worth it? (4) (opens in new tab)

Amazon Prime Video (opens in new tab) | Free

Access to Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service comes as part of the package. If you’re a Prime Member you can watch some excellent TV shows, enjoy blockbuster movies or settle down for some classic cinema.An app called Watch Party (opens in new tab) – a social viewing experience – is integrated into Prime Video to allows friends to watch the same thing from different locations while also chatting about it at the same time. You'll also find a bunch of additional channels like Paramount Plus (opens in new tab) are also available on Prime Video, but these need to be subscribed to individually and are not part of the total Prime package.

Amazon Prime in Australia: subscription cost, inclusions and is it worth it? (5) (opens in new tab)

Amazon Prime Reading (opens in new tab) | Free

This service gives Prime members access to over a thousand books, comics and graphic novels spanning every genre possible for all age groups in digital form. You don’t even need a Kindle device to access those ebook titles – you can just download the Kindle app available for iOS and Android and read on your preferred handheld device.

Moreover, Prime members who also sign up for Amazon First Reads (opens in new tab) get a free ebook each month with early access and discounts on select new titles.

Amazon Prime in Australia: subscription cost, inclusions and is it worth it? (6) (opens in new tab)

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Prime Gaming (opens in new tab) | Free

This is a more premium version of Twitch and shares a lot of similarities. It's still a video site dedicated to watching live-streaming games and offers members free game content, savings on games, and free games each month. There's also bonus games and in-game content that's exclusive for Prime member, plus a channel subscription every month at no extra cost. For gamers, having a dedicated platform like this that doesn't need you to shell out more is a great boon.

Amazon Prime in Australia: subscription cost, inclusions and is it worth it? (7) (opens in new tab)

Prime Music (opens in new tab) | Free

Prime Music wasn't part of the subscription package at launch but soon got added. Anyone with a Prime membership has access to Amazon's music streaming service included in the AU$6.99 monthly fee, adding more value to your subscription. It allows you to stream up to 40 hours of music each month, with no ad interruptions and no limits on skips or repeats. If 40 hours of music isn't enough for you, then you might need to consider signing up for Music Unlimited as described below.

Amazon Prime in Australia: subscription cost, inclusions and is it worth it? (8) (opens in new tab)

Prime Photos | Free

Prime Photos is Amazon’s free online photo storage service that comes included in the Prime package for Aussie members. All you need to do is download the Prime Photos app for iOS or Android, or use a desktop web browser, and you can upload up to 5GB of images and videos. Admittedly that's not a lot, particularly when the US gets access to unlimited storage with Prime Photos, but then we're also not paying as much as them.

It is also important to note that, unlike other markets, in Australia you cannot sign up for any of the aforementioned services separately as a standalone. For example, you cannot sign up for just Prime Video only. If you do, it will still cost you AU$6.99 per month and get you all the Prime perks listed above. It's a package deal.

Other Amazon services in Australia

While Prime members in the US get additional perks – like access to free grocery and restaurant deliveries, and a free subscription to the Washington Post (that Amazon founder and chairman Jeff Bezos also owns) – the Australian Prime service is limited to just the aforementioned options.

However, Amazon’s repertoire in Australia still extends beyond those Prime offerings. There’s a smattering of other services that the company runs locally, although you’ll need to sign up for them individually, paying either a monthly or annual fee for each.Anyone can sign up for these services, not just Prime members, and they all come with the usual 30-day free trial period for you to test the waters.

Here’s what those locally-available Amazon subscription services entail:

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Kindle Unlimited (opens in new tab) | 30-day free trial, then AU$13.99p/m

If you’re an avid reader, a Kindle Unlimited membership provides a lot of bang for buck. You can read to your heart’s content with over a million titles to choose from, and you can read on Amazon’s Kindle ereaders, or any iOS or Android device via the dedicated Kindle app. Kindle Unlimited also gives you access to Audible narrations of the titles you’re reading, so you can continue enjoying the book even if you need to put the physical pages aside. It’s AU$13.99 a month for Kindle Unlimited, with a 30-day free trial before you'll need to pay for the service.

Amazon Prime in Australia: subscription cost, inclusions and is it worth it? (10) (opens in new tab)

Music Unlimited (opens in new tab) | 30-day free trial, then AU$11.99p/m

Music aficionados will likely enjoy Amazon’s unlimited music streaming service, which gives subscribers access to over 50 million songs. You can listen anytime, anywhere and, like other music streaming services, there are individual and family plans, plus an Echo plan which lets you play your fave tunes on your Echo device if you have one. An individual plan costs AU$11.99 a month, while the family plans will set you back AU$17.99 per month, giving you the ability to set up to six separate music accounts. The Echo plan is just AU$4.99 a month.

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Audible (opens in new tab) | 30-day free trial, then AU$16.45p/m

Audible is for those who love their stories but don’t always have the time (or patience) to sit down with a book. You can listen to your favourite books via the Audible app anywhere, even while driving or doing chores, with many books narrated by some great (and famous) performers. Audible costs AU$16.45 each month after a free 30-day trial of the service, and if you also happen to be a Prime member, your subscription gets you two free audiobooks during the trial.

Is an Amazon Prime subscription worth it?

If you shop regularly on Amazon, then signing up for a Prime subscription is absolutely worthwhile. Even if you don't end up using the free streaming services that come as part of the package, it's still worth the money, particularly since it can save you plenty on delivery charges and by using the exclusive coupons and discounts that are available only to Prime members.

In all honesty, getting free access to Prime Video is a boon as there really is a lot of great shows to watch, particularly the Amazon Originals. A few like The Expanse, Wheel of Time, and Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power are definitely worth your time. And if you happen to be a fan of cult favourites, there are plenty on Prime Video to keep you entertained. The Prime Video library is constantly growing and it can give other popular streaming services like Netflix a run for their money.

Avid readers and gamers can benefit from complimentary access to Prime Reading and Prime Gaming. The former can score you discounts on newly released titles via Amazon First Reads, while the latter offers freebies each month on gaming content.

For just AU$6.99 a month, we think it's definitely worth it – and the annual AU$59 plan offers savings on the Prime subscription itself, making it even better value for money. So if you are still trying to decide if it's worth it for you, why not sign up now (opens in new tab) and trial it for free for 30 days?

How to cancel your Amazon Prime membership

If your Amazon subscription has past its prime (pun absolutely intended), whether it be during your 30-day free trial or later, you can cancel at any time.

Cancelling Amazon Prime free trial

If you're still within the 30-day free trial, hover over the 'Your Account' button in the top right corner of your browser, and select 'Your Prime Membership' from the dropdown menu. Then click on 'Cancel Free Trial' or 'Do Not Continue' on the left-hand side of your browser window.

Our suggestion would be to go with 'Do Not Continue' as you’ll be able to keep using Amazon Prime until the end of your free trial period, after which your membership will end. The payment card that you provided details for when starting you trial won’t be charged in this case.

Cancelling a paid Amazon Prime membership

In the case of a paid membership, head to 'Your Prime Membership' as described above and, this time, click 'End Membership' on the left hand side of the page. If you haven’t used your Amazon Prime benefits like free delivery or Prime Video (this might be the case if you accidentally let your free trial overrun), then you will be eligible for a full refund.

Even if you’ve used some of Amazon Prime’s features, but not all, you may still be eligible for a partial refund based on your use.

Can you keep Prime Video?

In Australia, you can't turn your existing Prime subscription to just a Prime Video one. It's part of the full package and, if you cancel your Prime account, you lose access to Prime Video as well.

Can you sign up again after cancelling a Prime membership?

The good news is your Amazon account is still live even after you cancel your Prime membership, so you can continue shopping on the site. So if you change your mind and want to sign up again at any point, you can do so. Note that if you've already tried Prime before with that particular Amazon account, you won't be eligible for another 30-day free trial and your associated credit/debit card will be charged immediately.

What is Amazon Prime Day

The simple answer is it's Amazon's take on Black Friday, held each year to celebrate the company's anniversary. It has typically been a 24-hour shopping spree exclusively for Prime members, but the duration of Prime Day has increased to 48 hours.

In Australia, though, we get an extended Prime Day as we can shop some items shipping from the US and the UK. That means, we get at total of 65 hours to shop during Prime Day – beginning at 12am on the official start day each year and ending only when it finally shuts shop on the US West Coast (usually at 5pm AEST if Prime Day is held on its usual timetable of mid-July).

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Typically Prime Day is a midyear event, but it's been a little erratic the last couple of years. In 2020, it was pushed all the way to October because the effects of the pandemic, and then was brought forward to end June in 2021 as things temporarily stabilised. Prime Day 2022 was (almost) back on schedule, having taken place July 12-14, but atypically starting on a Tuesday instead of the usual Monday.

There were rumours of a second Prime Day to be held in 2022, but that wasn't quite true... well, in Australia particularly. While some countries where Amazon operates got a two-day Prime Early Access Sale, Aussie shoppers got treated to another Big Smile Sale, which not only saw deals from the Prime Early Access Sale from the UK and US, but lasted much longer – a full week from October 10-16. It looked like a great preview into what we could expect from Amazon come Black Friday 2022 in November, and we have high hopes for deep discounts.

While Amazon Prime has its perks, you don't have to be a member to avail low prices on products being sold on the online marketplace.

If you want to save on cool gadgets and gizmos, we handpick some excellent bargains to be had on tech in our dedicated and continually updated Best Amazon Deals and Sales page.

Amazon Prime in Australia: subscription cost, inclusions and is it worth it? (12)

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Is Amazon Prime TV worth it Australia? ›

How much does Prime Video cost in Australia? At $6.99 per month or $54 annually, Prime Video is less than half the price of Netflix or Stan. There are no pricing tiers either, so you don't need to pay extra for HD or 4K streaming. Put simply, it's exceptionally good value.

Is Amazon Prime membership still worth it? ›

Yes, Amazon Prime is worth it even at $139 a year

For the $139 yearly or $14.99 monthly fee, Prime members earn a ton of benefits. These include free one-day delivery, two-hour grocery delivery, premium streaming services like Prime Video and Prime Music, and an unbelievable amount of extra discounts and coupons.

What does paying for Amazon Prime include? ›

An Amazon Prime membership includes various perks, including free delivery (two-day, one-day and same-day delivery options), streaming, shopping and reading benefits on its site.

What's worth watching on Prime Australia? ›

The best TV shows on Prime Video Australia
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Which is better to have Netflix or Amazon Prime? ›

Prime Video is less expensive than Netflix, and offers more features for the price. Netflix has a larger catalog, and all of the content on Netflix is included in the subscription. Some content on Amazon costs extra. Both platforms have award-winning original content and are investing heavily in original programming.

Is Amazon Prime different in Australia? ›

What does a Australian Amazon Prime subscription include? Signing up to Amazon Prime in Australia gets you free Two-Day domestic delivery on eligible products. Not every item on Amazon Australia is covered by this but the selection of products here is steadily increasing over time.

What is the cost of Amazon Prime for seniors? ›

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime is not free for seniors. It will cost $14.99 per month before the discount and $6.99 per month after the Senior Citizen Discount is applied.

Does Amazon Prime have senior discount? ›

Technically, there is no special discount on Amazon Prime available for seniors, but you can get a discount on your Prime membership if you have any EBT or Medicaid cards. With Amazon Prime membership, you can shop unlimited items, including daily essentials from Amazon, and you do not need to pay any delivery charges.

How much is Amazon Prime 2022 yearly? ›

But Amazon had cost pressures of its own in 2022. For the first time since 2018, when Amazon Prime rose from $99 a year to $119, the cost of an Amazon Prime membership was bumped up to $139 annually (the monthly rate rose as well).

Does included with Prime mean its free? ›

So while a Prime member does get Prime Video for free, that doesn't mean they can watch everything that's included in the Prime Video app. Instead, some videos or services will be charged separately and both Prime members and Prime Video subscribers will have to pay for these on top of their existing subscriptions.

What stuff is free on Amazon Prime? ›

Amazon Prime opens up a whole new world for freebies including Amazon Prime Video, free Amazon One-Day or Two-Day shipping, unlimited photo storage, early access to lightning deals, free returns, and more.

When it says included with Prime Does that mean it's free? ›

No. Amazon Prime Video is a subscription you pay once a year or monthly to get hundreds of videos free. You also get free two day shipping and free returns. You also get to read hundreds of books and magazines free.

What should I binge on Amazon Prime 2022? ›

The Best TV Shows on Prime Video Right Now
  • Outer Range (2022-present) Image via Amazon Prime Video. ...
  • High School (2022) Image via Freevee. ...
  • Peripheral (2022-present) Image via Prime Video. ...
  • Them (2021) Image via Amazon. ...
  • Bewitched (1964-1972) ...
  • Sprung (2022-present) ...
  • Red Oaks (2014-2017) ...
  • Made In Heaven (2019-present)
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What is available on Amazon Prime Australia? ›

As an Amazon Prime member, you will have access to a suite of benefits, including: Free delivery on millions of local and international items, Prime Video, which gives you access to exclusive and award-winning Prime Original series and other popular movies and TV shows, Amazon Music Prime, which gives you access to 2 ...

Which streaming service is best value in Australia? ›

The cheapest major streaming service to access in Australia is Prime Video – which is included in an Amazon Prime membership (AUD $6.99 per month, or $59 per year). Also included is Prime Music, Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) and free Amazon delivery. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here.

Do more people have Netflix or Amazon Prime? ›

In the United States, 84 percent of Netflix subscribers also subscribed to Amazon Prime Video, and over 50 percent also subscribed to Hulu.
CharacteristicApple TV+
also subscribe to Netflix92%
also subscribe to Peacock Premium17%
also subscribe to HBO Max46%
also subscribe to Amazon Prime Video91%
6 more columns

What movie channels can I get with Amazon Prime? ›

Select Amazon Prime channels
Amazon channelMonthly costSubscription link
Hallmark Movies Now$6Subscribe at Amazon
Paramount Plus$10Subscribe at Amazon
PBS Masterpiece$6Subscribe at Amazon
Shudder$6Subscribe at Amazon
17 more rows
12 Jul 2022

Why has Netflix lost subscribers? ›

“They are losing subscribers in the US and Europe because of competition, recession, inflation, and general fears about the economy.” said Michael Pachter, an analyst for Wedbush Securities. He said that Netflix will continue to grow as people cut the cable cord and as they offer a cheaper ad-supported option.

Do you get free delivery with Amazon Prime in Australia? ›

No minimum purchase required. Prime members get Prime FREE One-Day Delivery on eligible items sold or shipped by Amazon AU in select postcodes in Sydney and Melbourne. Find out whether your address is eligible for Prime FREE One-Day Delivery on eligible items.

Is Amazon Prime the same as Prime Video Australia? ›

How much does Amazon Prime Video cost in Australia? Amazon Prime Video is part of Amazon Prime. An Amazon Prime membership will set you back: $6.99 per month or $59 per year, if paid upfront. Customers of Amazon Prime can take up a 30-day free trial.

Is there a difference between Prime and Amazon Prime? ›

Summary. is the parent company; Amazon Prime is a service it offers. offers standard delivery for items ordered through its website; Amazon Prime subscribers have the benefit of free, standard, or 2-day delivery, as well as reduced prices for other expedited delivery options.

How do I get Amazon Prime free for life? ›

How to Get Amazon Prime for Free Forever 2022 [12 Ways]
  1. Sign Up for Amazon Prime Student Membership Trial. ...
  2. Register with New Email Account. ...
  3. Use Amazon Prime Day. ...
  4. Get Cash Back with Amazon Credit or Store Cards. ...
  5. Sign up for the Sprint Cell Phone Plan. ...
  6. Discounted Membership Options. ...
  7. Become an Amazon Associate.

What is the cheapest way to get Amazon Prime? ›

Sign up here.
  1. Pay for your Prime membership with gift cards you earn. A variety of sites pay users in Amazon gift cards, which you can then use to pay for your Prime membership. ...
  2. Join Amazon Household. You might be able access someone else's Amazon Prime benefits at no charge through Amazon Household. ...
  3. Skip Prime altogether.
12 Oct 2022

How can I get the cheapest Amazon Prime membership? ›

If you have an EBT card or any valid qualifying government assistance documents, you're eligible for an Amazon Prime membership discount of $8 per month, bringing the total to $6.99 per month.

How do I get Amazon Prime free for 1 year? ›

To sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial: Go to Amazon Prime. Select Start your free trial. Follow the on-screen instructions if prompted.

Why am I being charged for prime video when I have Amazon Prime? ›

Prime Video Channels do not form a part of your Prime subscription. They are additional, paid subscriptions that allow you to add the content you want from third-party premium networks and other streaming entertainment channels.

Is the age 55 considered a senior citizen? ›

As such, being a senior citizen may be based on your age, but it is not a specific age. In general, however, once you turn 55 you start to enter the senior age demographic. By the time you are 65 you reach the most common age for retirement from your job.

Is it cheaper to buy Amazon Prime yearly? ›

The popular subscription service now costs $139 per year for annual members. Those paying for Prime on a monthly basis pay $14.99 per month, while for those with Prime Student accounts pay $69 per year.

Why is Amazon so expensive? ›

Amazon says the reasons behind the rises include higher wages, increased transportation costs, and costs associated with the expansion of Prime's services, including video, pharmacy, and more. The move isn't unprecedented — the company has bumped up Prime's yearly cost by $20 every four years since 2014.

How much is Prime membership 2022 monthly? ›

How Much Is Amazon Prime? The cost of an Amazon Prime membership differs depending on how you want to pay. As of February 2022, it costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year, so with the annual rate, you save $40.

Why do you have to pay extra for some shows on Amazon Prime? ›

Prime Video Channels do not form a part of your Prime subscription. They are additional, paid subscriptions that allow you to add the content you want from third-party premium networks and other streaming entertainment channels.

Does Amazon Prime cover all items? ›

Products eligible for Amazon Prime will be designated on the product page and at checkout. If only some items in your purchase are eligible for Amazon Prime, you'll be charged applicable shipping fees for the ineligible items. Items sold by that are marked on the product page and at checkout.

What can I watch on Amazon Prime Australia 2022? ›

In this guide
  • Without Remorse.
  • Coming 2 America.
  • The Mauritanian.
  • Sound of Metal.
  • I Care a Lot.
  • One Night in Miami...
  • Sylvie's Love.
  • Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.
3 Nov 2022

Which is the most viewed Web series on Amazon Prime? ›

“Reacher”: 5.76 billion minutes. “The Wheel of Time”: 4.91 billion minutes. “The Boys” season: 4.8 billion minutes. “Hunters”: 4.58 billion minutes.

What is the most popular Prime original? ›

The best Amazon Prime original series (October 2022)
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty (2022) new. 72 % 6.8/10. ...
  • The Terminal List (2022) new. 40 % 8.1/10. ...
  • The Kids in the Hall (2022) 83 % 8.5/10. ...
  • Night Sky (2022) 66 % 7.5/10. ...
  • The Boys (2019) 77 % 8.7/10. ...
  • Outer Range (2022) 60 % ...
  • The Wilds (2020) 72 % ...
  • Undone (2019) tv-ma 2 Seasons.
1 Sept 2022

Does Amazon Prime include music in Australia? ›

Inside Amazon Prime Music Australia

Prime Music is included in a A$6.99 Prime membership, while Amazon Music Unlimited costs $11.99 a month. Amazon Prime Music boasts over two million songs, and features ad-free streaming and offline listening.

How much is Australian Prime monthly? ›

How much does the Prime service cost in Australia? In Australia, Amazon Prime subscriptions cost AU$6.99 a month (opens in new tab), or AU$59 per year – the latter is definitely better value if you're a regular Amazon shopper as it saves you just under AU$25 across each 12-month period.

What is better than Netflix in Australia? ›

Best specialty streaming services overview:

Kayo Sports. BritBox. Optus Sport. Shudder.

What is better Stan or Netflix in Australia? ›

If Australian series and fast-tracked US shows are more your thing, go with Stan. If you're more interested in Netflix's original productions and want a better collection of movies, opt for the streaming giant. Or, simply get them both and you'll likely never run out of stuff to watch ever again.

Is Stan worth getting? ›

Stan certainly does not fail to impress. Costing a mere $10/month for SD streaming and with a wide array of great viewing options, the video streaming service provides good value and is worth giving a try. You can now try out Stan for free with their latest 30 day free trial offer!

What channels can you get with Amazon Prime? ›

Select Amazon Prime channels
Amazon channelMonthly costSubscription link
Cinemax$10Subscribe at Amazon
PGA Tour Live$10Subscribe at Amazon
Starz$9Subscribe at Amazon
Noggin$8Subscribe at Amazon
17 more rows
12 Jul 2022

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime TV? ›

  • Prime Video offers unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes for paid or free trial members in the US and Puerto Rico. ...
  • With Amazon Channels, you can watch your favorite shows and movies from HBO, SHOWTIME, and STARZ channels.

What is the difference between Prime TV and Prime Video? ›

Prime Video Channels do not form a part of your Prime subscription. They are additional, paid subscriptions that allow you to add the content you want from third-party premium networks and other streaming entertainment channels.

What is the cost for Amazon Prime for seniors? ›

How Much Is Amazon Prime For Seniors? Seniors can get Amazon Prime for $5.99/month if they are enrolled in a qualifying government assistance program such as TANF, SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, and others. Seniors can also get the Amazon Prime discount if they have an EBT card.

Is Netflix free with Amazon Prime? ›

Sadly you cannot get a free Netflix subscription with your Amazon Prime account. However Amazon Prime does give you access to watch Amazon Prime Video as one of the many perks of an Amazon account.

Which of these is not a benefit that Prime members? ›

Q3# Which of these is NOT a benefit that Prime members get with their membership? Prime members don't get the benefit of a free hug for every purchase that comes with their membership.

How do I get Amazon Prime free forever? ›

How to Get Amazon Prime for Free Forever 2022 [12 Ways]
  1. Sign Up for Amazon Prime Student Membership Trial. ...
  2. Register with New Email Account. ...
  3. Use Amazon Prime Day. ...
  4. Get Cash Back with Amazon Credit or Store Cards. ...
  5. Sign up for the Sprint Cell Phone Plan. ...
  6. Discounted Membership Options. ...
  7. Become an Amazon Associate.

Why are some movies not free on Amazon Prime? ›

There are a few possible reasons why you can rent or buy a movie from Amazon, but can't watch it for free with a Prime subscription: It's a new movie that the studio wants a high price for. The rights would be too expensive to put it on a subscription service. Subscription rights may not be available at all yet.

Is Prime Video the same as Amazon Prime Australia? ›

Amazon Prime Video actually launched in Australia over a year before the rest of Amazon Prime. It originally cost AUD $2.99 a month, but now is only available to Prime members (at no additional cost).

Can I cancel Prime Video but keep Amazon Prime? ›

You need an Amazon Prime membership to access Prime Video Channels. If you cancel your Amazon Prime membership, your Prime Video Channel subscriptions also cancel.


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